Cat wearing Soviet hat

Minsky Duo Goes to Russia

Minsky Duo presents an all-Russian/Soviet program ranging from Tchaikovsky to Schnittke. This series includes the Bay Area premiere of living composer Nikolai Kapustin’s rollicking sonata for violin and piano, the Prokofiev F minor sonata (described by the compser as wind whistling through a graveyard), Tchaikovsky’s beautifully lyric Meditation, Scriabin’s explosive fourth Piano Sonata and the Schnittke Fuga for solo violin.


Some drummer

Minsky Duo Plays Violin, Piano and Drums

Minsky Duo presents a wide-ranging program inspired by folktunes to ragtime, with a side of neoclassicism and new music from Aaron Andrew Hunt. The program includes Prokofiev’s rarely heard sonata for solo violin, Stravinsky’s Suite Italienne, Grieg’s second sonata for violin and piano, and George Antheil’s second sonata for violin, piano and drums. NB: performers may not appear exactly as pictured.


Coming soon

Minsky Duo Sheds Wood

wood·shed verb (inf) to practice a musical instrument. Minsky Duo sheds and shreds an all-American program including the Bay Area premiere of Ned Rorem’s Sonata in 4 scenes for Violin and Piano, John Adams Road Movies, Charles Ives Sonata Children’s Day at the Camp Meeting, and the Copland Sonata. Coming Fall 2017.